Eastman’s To Issue Eastoflex APO in Pellet Form

23 September 2004

Eastman Chemical Company are to issue a new, easy-to-handle pellet form of its Eastoflex APOs (amorphous polyolefins).

Eastman claim that the Eastoflex pellets deliver a faster melt time for increased production speeds and efficiencies with the larger surface-to-volume ratio allowing for better heat transfer in mixed systems and rapid dispersion into various mixtures.

“Conventional APOs, like our existing Eastoflex products, are by nature tacky at room temperature, which makes them harder to handle in certain applications,” says Jeff Presley, Product Manager, Global Polymer Raw Materials. “The new Eastoflex pellets are non-tacky, making them pourable and easier to handle. Our customers now have added convenience and flexibility to choose a product form for their needs.”

Eastoflex APOs are compatible with a wide array of elastomers, polymers and tackifying resins and widely used as base polymers in formulating hot-melt adhesives, sealants, paper laminations and pressure sensitive adhesives. Eastoflex APOs are also suitable for rubber compounding, waterproofing compounds for wire and cable applications, and as a modifier for asphalt in single-ply roofing.

Eastoflex APO pellets are available in 50-lb inclusion bags or 50-lb boxes, offering convenient storage and delivery options.

Eastoflex pellets can be custom-blended to obtain a balance of viscosity, needle penetration, and ring and ball softening point (RSBP) best suited to customer needs.

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