Keystone Helicopter Introduces Silencer Airframe for Improved Structural Integrity

11 February 2005

Keystone Helicopter will introduce its new Silencer airframe at this year's HAI Heli Exhibition.

The system uses an advanced carbon fibre skeletal structure that incorporates AC ductwork as structural cross members and attaches to the airframe with isolators. The outer framework supports the interior for improved rigidity and reduced vibration, while permitting easy access for airframe inspections and allowing room for an acoustic blanket.

According to Jim Munda, Keystone Helicopter's Vice President of Engineering, the retrofit technology will work in virtually any rotorcraft. ""It's a substantial improvement on the popular Cocoon system,"" he said. ""Silencer gives you significant noise suppression inside the cabin and improved structural integrity, with no loss in fuel efficiency.""

Keystone Helicopter will display an S76 mockup featuring the Silencer at this year's HAI Heli-Expo. The mockup will include design panels that detach for maintenance access and feature sealed, edged cutouts for gaspers, lights and switch panels. All gaspers and lighting mount on the skeletal framework instead of being directly installed on the airframe.

Steve Townes, Chairman and CEO of Keystone Ranger Holdings, Keystone Helicopter's parent company, said ""it's an ideal retrofit for virtually any airframe and makes a substantial contribution to improving ride quality.""

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