Phoenixx TPC Produce Widest Ever Thermoplastic PrePreg Tapes

07 February 2005

Phoenixx TPC has introduced 360 mm continuous fibre thermoplastic composite prepreg tapes.

Phoenixx’s Thermo-Lite prepregs are typically reinforced with carbon/graphite, glass, aramid, and have been produced at a wide variety of fibre areal weights and resin contents.

Commenting on the new Thermo-Lite prepregs, David Park, President of Phoenixx TPC, stated, ""We are excited to be introducing these new wider thermoplastic prepregs. Thermoplastic prepreg tapes have typically been produced at widths of 12 inches (305 mm) or less. The new 14 inch (360 mm) wide prepreg is our first offering at wider widths. We plan on continuing to supply wider & wider prepregs as market conditions warrant. Our flexible manufacturing process technology allows us to customize our product offerings to our customers needs and is readily scalable to greater widths.""

Mr. Park further stated, ""Wider prepregs will help us increase throughput on our production lines as well as reduce our costs of production. They will also help many of our customers reduce their labour costs and improve their yields. Thermoset prepregs have been produced in widths greater than 12 inches for many years. As the market for the newer thermoplastic prepreg materials continues to grow and mature, we expect to continue to develop and supply wider & wider prepreg tapes.""

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