Ashland Develops Sprayable Granite Clear Gelcoat

07 February 2005

Ashland Composite Polymers is introducing MAXGUARD CG-SG-0010 sprayable granite clear gel coat to streamline processes for premixed and dry hopper applications. Ashland state that the new MAXGUARD CG-SG-0010 gel coat, which has passed the ANSI 124.3 standard, provides excellent sag resistance and air release to minimize rework and creates high-quality parts when sprayed with both atomized and non-atomized equipment. Ashland added that the gel coat exhibits excellent colour and clarity when sprayed, allowing for truer and bolder colours from the granite chips.

""In the past, we had customers using both the premix and dry hopper systems and they had to buy two different gel coats for the two processes,"" said Dianne Coon, industry manager, Ashland Composite Polymers. ""Ashland has created this new spray granite gel coat to work in both processes, allowing the customer to reduce the number of raw materials in their shop.""

Information from Ashland points out that the MAXGUARD CG-SG-0010 gel coat is not recommended for cultured marble applications. Existing gel coats in the MAXGUARD premium gel coat line that can be used for cultured marble include the MAXGUARD CG-44 marble clear gel coat series and MAXGUARD CG-40 marble clear gel coat series which contain a maximum of 44 percent hazardous air pollutant (HAP) and 40 percent HAP, respectively.

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