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TechFab Expands Fibre Reinforced Concrete Production

28 January 2005

TechFab LCC are to expand production of its carbon fibre reinforced concrete product following growing demand for its patented C-Grid.

Formal plans to expand its current manufacturing facility has forced the accompany to add a new plant to house a wide width, state-of-the-art grid manufacturing line to produce C-Grid, MeC-gridand other related grid reinforcement structures using TechFab’s proprietary technology.

The expansion plans follow quickly on the heels of last weeks news reporting of a multiyear supply agreement signed with Zoltek to galvanise widespread use of carbon fibre for reinforcing concrete components and structures.

The new line was designed jointly by the commercial development teams of TechFab and its joint venture partner Chomarat Composites. “The new facility will manufacture a myriad of carbon fibre grid constructions and handle our proprietary epoxy materials all in a single, self-contained and tightly controlled environment,” stated Bruce Hinton, General Manager for TechFab.

“This capital investment is further demonstration of our belief in and commitment to the future of C-Grid. We are continuing to diversify into high-performance reinforcement markets and applications using our patented grid manufacturing technology.”

Initial introduction of C-Grid has been through a newly formed association of precast concrete producers known as AltusGroup whose members produce CarbonCast precast concrete products made using C-Grid supplied by TechFab. TechFab suggested that acceptance of CarbonCast since its mid-2004 introduction has been rapid. More than 3 Million square feet of wall panels have been erected and/or specified since the technology’s mid-2004 introduction, with dozens of other projects nationwide now considering the use of CarbonCast.

“This new facility is a clear commitment for growth via the AltusGroup. Their common product, CarbonCast, is made with C-GRID as the enabling technology,” said John Carson, Director of Commercial Development for TechFab. “With this new capacity, many new and exciting markets and applications can now come to fruition. Market development on a truly global scale is now possible.”

The new operation will begin production in the fourth quarter 2005 supplying C-Grid in master roll form, sheet and customer specific shape and size configurations. C-Grid products primarily utilize Panex carbon fibre tow supplied by Zoltek Company.

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