PC Composites Achieves Superior Results with Its New Prepregging Process

28 January 2005

PC Composites Ltd released details of its success in achieving superior mechanical properties in its line of prepreg laminates.

After extensive research, the company developed a novel 42-inch powder-coating process for prepregging fabrics, tapes, strands, and tows utilizing forced flow electrostatic charging of polymer powders. This process accelerates the deposition of resin powder on substrate, and provides uniform distribution due to electrostatic powder deposition. As well, the resulting laminate possesses excellent mechanical properties, as shown in the table below.

Laminate type Flexural Strength (MPa)Flexural Modulus (GPa) Vf Carbon (%)Density (g/cm3)
Carbon Fabric - PPS    937    76    56   1.52   
Carbon Fabric - PA6    861    70    51    1.53 
Glass Fabric - PA6     690    33    49    1.95 
Carbon Fabric - Phenolic   599   56   55   1.55 
Glass Fabric - Phenolic     488    28  56     1.99 

PCC is currently in contact with several leading players in the composite and paper industries to pursue its development of its unique process and investigate the applications for large markets. The company is currently seeking a strategic partnership with companies in the composite industries.

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