MEL Composites Delivers Largest Composite Camera Boom in the World

28 January 2005

MEL Composites has issued details of its composite camera boom, following delivery of the longest composites motion control arm in the world two weeks ahead of schedule.

Completed at the end of 2004, the boom was created in collaboration with Mel’s partner and motion control consultants Multi Level Media.

The arm can carry a variety of high specification cameras on a programmable base and camera head that are used in the film industry for motion control filming. Measuring 9.4 m long, the arm is made of a combination of high modulus and high strength carbon fibre with an aluminium honeycomb core to form the tubes. Through detailed FEA and laminate analysis the optimum combination of materials was derived to give the most cost effective solution.

The complete rig can be assembled in less then two hours due to a simple but effective fixation system that was designed to be operator friendly even in difficult locations. The modular design of the system also offers extra flexibility as it can be assembled in three different lengths, increasing the operational envelope.

The equipment was on location filming a major feature film a mere 4 days after it was first assembled. Multi Level Media’s client, “The VFX Company Ltd.” commented “. We were all very impressed with the quality, attention to detail and high standard of workmanship. The long arm has been a great success.”

MEL Composites is part of the MEL group of companies and is based in Oxfordshire, UK. Owned by U.S. Company Menard Inc., its aim is to develop composites opportunities worldwide.

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