Advanced Engineering 2019

ACG Contribute Composite Prepreg Materials to GlobalFlyer Project

28 January 2005

The GlobalFlyer project, due to fly around the world on an historic solo flight, is set to launch on February 2nd with the aid of materials provided by the Advanced Composites Group.

Composite Structures Benefit from Noran’s Engineering Analysis Software

28 January 2005

The Computer Aided Engineering Software Developer, Noran Engineering, is to provide design tools for Scaled Composites and an Italian yacht syndicate, +38.

What Next for the A380?

28 January 2005

Lincoln Composites Acquired by Hexagon Composites Group

28 January 2005

The Norweigan Hexagon Composites Group has completed its acquisition of General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP) formerly known as Lincoln Composites.

UK Composite Consultant Reports on Indian Composites Industry

25 January 2005

Composite Centre International (CCI) recently invited David Skertchly, a UK composite technology expert, to visit India for a period of two weeks in order to provide industry workshops to the India composites community, and here also provides a report on his findings.