Valtec Composite Seals Offer Improved Sealing Performance

14 January 2005

UK manufacturer of seals and engineering solutions, introduces a new seal manufactured from non-woven aramid fibres to meet existing and upcoming fugitive emissions legislation.

Valtec 7250 is constructed by using two end rings of non woven fibres with a high carbon content which are impregnated with a PTFE/graphite impregnation. The intermediate rings consist of aramid non-woven fibres with a PTFE impregnation.

The very low coefficient of friction makes the packing set ideal for control valves, where both minimised friction and leakage are required. But this packing set offers also superior performance for standard valve applications in the chemical and processing industry.

FTL seals identify the main features and benefits to include an extremely low leakage rate compared with graphite sealing systems thanks to high cross-sectional density; low friction compared with graphite sealing systems because of dense PTFE impregnation and improved performance under high temperatures and temperature cycling due to fibre reinforcement.

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