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Nanotechnology Leader Zyvex Introduces Carbon Nanotube-Based Epoxy Concentrates

16 January 2005

The Zyvex Corporation is to expand its NanoSolve product line with nine new product offerings for the composite industry.

The new epoxy concentrates blend several industry-standard epoxies with multi-wall or single wall nanotubes, or carbon nanofibres, to deliver significant increases in electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as improved mechanical strength.

“Our new line of epoxy concentrates can create composite materials which exploit the intrinsic properties of carbon nanotubes” said Zyvex President, Thomas A. Cellucci, PhD, By offering a range of concentrations, we can provide customers with more flexibility to choose the amount of CNTs they want in their final product”.

Zyvex patented Kentera technology (a non-covalent modification of carbon nanomaterials) exfoliates, disperses, and adheres to the host material when it is combined with carbon nanomaterials. This creates a NanoSolve additive or concentrate - successfully incorporating the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties into the host polymer.

“Our new NanoSolve epoxy concentrates give composite manufacturers a range of formulation options to choose from that meet specific material design and price parameters” said Robert Folaron, Director of Product Development at Zyvex. By leveraging our reliable quality supply chain, Zyvex is ready to offer these industrial materials in production quantities”.

The NanoSolve concentrates utilize industry-standard epoxies as a host material for enhanced polymer concentrates. This provides a range of formulation options that meet specific material design and price parameters.

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