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Marlite Introduces FRP Ceramic Tile Alternative

16 January 2005

Marlite has unveiled Symmetrix with Sani-Coat, a scored FRP panel coated with an exclusive sanitary sealer.

Symmetrix panels, available in a variety of colours, are grooved to resemble ceramic tile and grout lines. Once scored, Marlites exclusive Sani-Coat sealer is applied to the entire panel, providing excellent resistance to mould and mildew. Independent testing has shown Marlite's Symmetrix to be more resistant to mould and mildew than typical unsealed ceramic tile application.

Because Symmetrix is made from fibre reinforced plastic, it possesses improved impact resistance qualities.

Marlite's Executive Vice President, Fred Dudley, believes Symmetrix outperforms both ceramic tile and other ceramic tile alternatives. ""Our Sani-Coat sealer coats the entire panel at once, giving us a mould-resistant surface with panel-wide integrity,"" said Dudley. ""And the nature of FRP makes it dramatically more impact resistant than ceramic tile.""

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