Teijin Twaron Extend Capacity in Netherlands

16 July 2004

Teijin Twaron are to expand production for its high-performance fibre Twaron to meet continuous growing market demand.

Teijin Twaron will implement the project for a further capacity increase of 5 percent to 10 percent, depending on product mix, in its plant in Emmen, The Netherlands.

According to Teijin Twaron, the expansion will entail the construction of a specialty production line, which is a direct result of the market's increasing demand for Twaron para-aramid safety and protection products and other markets' demand. The new spinning line will come on stream in the third quarter of 2005.

Gert Frederiks, the Commercial Director of Teijin Twaron, stated that the global demand for Twaron para-aramid is surpassing the expectations which formed the basis of our “MIRAI” expansion project.

“There is a growing demand for the life-saving properties of Twaron in specific markets, such as ballistics (bullet-resistant vests for police and military, armouring of cars and helmets) and safety at work and at home. Apart from the governmental projects related to safety around the globe, there is a growing trend for high-performance and sustainable solutions in many markets in which Twaron’s customers are active. This expansion is therefore a logical step in the strategy of Teijin to become the leader in the high-performance fibre market.

“In addition to these market developments, Teijin Twaron is continuously developing new, innovative applications and product types together with our customers to enhance performance and durability to many end-uses. The coming years, we are expecting an 8 percent growth on average in the various business segments.”, Fredericks added.

Twaron is a lightweight, high strength and versatile fibre which is applied worldwide in a broad range of applications, from bullet-resistant vest to optical fibre cables, concrete reinforcement, cut-resistant gloves, engineering plastics, tires and friction materials.

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