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SAMPE 2005 Call-for-Papers

16 July 2004

The sponsoring SAMPE 2005 Committee has issued its formal “Call-for-Papers” for the May 1-5, 2005 US symposium and is expecting a successful response from the technical community in terms of formal abstracts.

The theme for the SAMPE 2005 symposium is “New Horizons for Materials and Processing Technologies.” The Technical Program Co-Chairs, Jayant Patel (The Boeing Company, Long Beach, CA) and Dr. Frances Abrams (Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, OH), are both pursuing a wide range of technology papers by the September 2, 2004 deadline. The official “Call-for-Papers” is posted on the SAMPE web site (

SAMPE Proceedings of the technical papers, published in CD ROM format, reflect every open technical paper that will actually be presented at the SAMPE 2005 Symposium because of the “no paper, no podium rule” for the event. Technical Proceedings are also widely distributed after the conference to a standing list of orders on file from companies, government and private research laboratories and educational institutes.

The actual technical paper submittal deadline, based on the receipt of the approved Abstracts submitted by the September deadline, is set for January 4, 2005 so that the Technical Paper Committee has time to review them. Abstracts due September 2, 2004 must be formally submitted electronically through the SAMPE web site. Eligible technical papers will also be eligible for a number of SAMPE Outstanding Technical Paper awards if submitted on time.

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