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Sordal Receives Innovation Award for Non-flammable Composite Material

02 July 2004

Sordal of Michigan, USA, has received the Innovation of the Year Award from the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) for its ARMAREX non-flammable advanced composite material.

Armarex is a thin sheet material boasting strengths of around ten times that of steel, with the company also claiming the material to be around twice as strong as Kevlar. Armarex is a highly engineered material with high flame resistance, a very small char length and after-glow, and a very low generation of toxic gases compared to p-Aramid fibres, according to Sordal.

It is also being developed in the forms of laminate panels and adhesives with potential applications ranging from fire protective clothing, lightweight vehicle components and chemical tanks for military aircrafts.

The material is dimensionally stable in a humid environment and planned to be made in thicknesses down to 0.013mm. Combined with its mechanical properties, Armarex shows a decomposition temperature of 650°C (1,202°F) and can provide potential weight savings in honeycomb and other designed products. The limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 68, which is the highest among organic super fibres. Sordal claim that Armarex material is superior for high temperature applications. When used as the raw material to make honeycomb cores.

Sordal is the first company to win the SBAM award for the second time in the history of the Innovation Awards contest, which represents 9000 member firms. The Sordal Research Laboratory last won the award two years ago for its Solrex insulating foam.

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