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New Doghouse Stowage from Brookhouse

02 July 2004

A new doghouse storage box for civil aircraft, which offers increased strength and robustness and lighter weight, is now available from Brookhouse Paxford Ltd, of Huntingdon.

The new product was shown or the first time at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Doghouse storage boxes are used to create increased stowage capacity, typically for crew items and articles such as oxygen bottles, and are generally fitted in the empty space behind the last row of cabin seats.

Historically, they have been manufactured by gluing together phenolic sheets but Brookhouse has now developed a method which allows the outer skin of a box to be moulded from phenolic sheet as one piece, with a honeycomb core. The absence of glued joints greatly increases the strength and robustness and the new design permits savings in weight of up to 20% and increases in stowage capacity of more than 50%. Doghouse boxes can be designed and manufactured to conform with the requirements and specifications of most aircraft.

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