Hexcel Polyspeed Laminates Produce Lightest Ever Snowboard

30 June 2004

Major ski and snowboard manufacturer, Elan, has developed one of the lightest snowboards in the industry using Hexcel's ultra-light Polyspeed glass/epoxy laminates.

The 04/05 Inverse is up to 600 grams lighter than boards of equivalent performance, with a weight-saving of 30 to 40%. The Inverse features a complete tip-to-tail wood core, sandwiched between skins of Hexcel's special ultra light Polyspeed laminates. The board is finished with the second generation of Elan's DG topsheet.

Polyspeed is a range of carbon- and glass-reinforced epoxy laminates, supplied on a roll or in sheet form. The reinforcements are woven, uni- or bi-directional, depending on performance requirements. The precise resin and fibre volume content enables snowboard manufacturers to mass produce skis and snowboards with precise control over thickness and weight. Hexcel is a major supplier of laminates and prepregs to skis and snowboard manufacturers.

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