Elbit Vision Systems Introduce Composite Material Inspection System for Aircraft Industry

02 July 2004

Elbit Vision Systems Ltd has received an initial order from a major European manufacturer of carbon fibre webs that are used in aircraft production, for its newly developed composite material inspection system.

The Vision System is designed to increase the reliability of composite materials used in the manufacture of aircrafts, and is the latest addition to EVS’ I-TEX Lite product family.

Inspecting composite webs at critical stages of the production process, the Vision system displays the inspection results from each stage on a single monitor.

EVS' new system is developed especially for composite, unidirectional, multiaxial and woven webs, providing a feature-rich, cost effective off-the-shelf solution for the aircraft industry.

Mr. Zami Aberman, Chief Executive Officer of EVS said, ““While this is an initial order, we believe that a great deal of potential for further growth exists within the aircraft industry, both through this system and future products that we will bring to market. There is a significant need within the aircraft industry for reliable, advanced inspection tools to ensure both product quality and safety, and we are extremely pleased to enter this segment of the market.”

Mr. Aberman continued, “This order, coupled with recent orders for other newly introduced products, further establishes a solid foundation for our new, broader focused objectives of penetrating new markets and providing solutions for such industries as microelectronics and aircraft. We believe that this focus will ensure the continued growth and success of EVS.”

Elbit believes that there are significant opportunities for follow-on business from this customer, with potential future sales reaching $3 million.

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