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Degussa AG Opened New R&D Centre in Shanghai

20 August 2004

The new, 6,900-square metre R&D centre at Shanghai Xinzhuang has recently been opened by Degussa AG.

The site has been opened with the purpose of combining state-of-the-art laboratories, facilities for marketing and application engineering and technical after-sales service. It also supports the intensive linking knowledge initiative launched by Degussa AG earlier this year, focusing on determining synergies between the numerous Degussa products dedicated to the composite industry.

The R&D centre will comprise a total of 21 laboratories. One of them, the “Asia/Pacific Rohacell Sandwich Technology Centre” will be fully operative by the end of August 2004.

The new Rohacell Sandwich Technology Centre offers a novel forum to present and to evaluate state-of-the-art sandwich manufacture methods, such as:
manufacture of sandwich components with thermoset and thermoplastic prepreg skins
thermoforming of Rohacell cores
machining of complex core shapes
Specific emphasis has been put on resin infusion processes such as RTM, VARTM and VARI for composite manufacture.

The Rohacell Sandwich Technology Centre in Shanghai will become the focal point of contact in Asia/Pacific for questions relating to manufacturing of structural composites.

The new Centre of expertise is similar to the Sandwich Technology Centre (STC) which has been open in Darmstadt, Germany since 2001.

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