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PTFE-Lined Composite Butterfly Valve Provides Improved Corrosion Resistance

13 August 2004

Nil-Cor have designed a butterfly valve with a light-weight body made of corrosion-resistant fibreglass-reinforced cast epoxy.

The body, successfully tested to 800 PSI, is claimed by Nil-Cor to combine outstanding strength and durability with high-heat resistance in corrosive environments. The valve features an integral ISO 5211 actuator mounting flange for strength and convenience.

Internally, the Nil-Cor valve has a PTFE lining and a PFA-encapsulated, stainless steel, single-piece disc and shaft for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Bolts that secure the two-piece body are made of high-strength steel, coated with Teflon and isolated inside the body with a leak proof cap.

The Nil-Cor butterfly valve can be installed between lined pipe fittings, metallic raised-face pipe fittings, unlined FRP fittings and is excellent in dual-laminate piping systems.

Nil-Cor assert that the valve is ideal for handling chemicals such as chlorinated acid brine, very hot, concentrated inorganic acids, caustics, petrochemicals and phenols which are corrosive to vinyl ester and other valve materials. Additional applications include ultra-pure and clean services.

Nil-Cor uses premium epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin and a special blend of fillers, reinforcement and curing agents to produce an inherently corrosion resistant valve. Without the need for expensive liners that eventually swell or permeate, Nil-Cor valves deliver a long, maintenance free service life.

Nil-Cor, a subsidiary of Dresser, is the originator of advanced composite technology used for the design and manufacture of ball, butterfly and check valves. Certified to ISO 9001 and the European PED, Nil-Cor has been supplying composite-valve solutions to the chemical process industry for over 27 years.

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