PPG’s Innofibre Improves Processing Efficiency for Screen Makers

06 August 2004

New Innofibre from PPG Industries is designed to improve the quality and processing efficiency for screen manufacturers and others.

Available in G75, G150 and DE100 yields, the fibre glass' durable compatible sizing, or DCS, is claimed to generate minimal fuzz and broken filaments during processing in customer operations, reducing the potential for breaks in the continuous-strand product year round. The non-starch oil sizing also bonds well with polyvinylchloride, polyester, vinylester, epoxy and other resin matrices.

""Developing innovative products that help customers improve their quality and efficiency reflects our commitment to being a global leader in the fibre glass industry,"" said Vicki Holt, PPG's vice president of fibre glass.

Manufactured in Lexington, N.C., Innofiber DCS fibre glass is available worldwide. Holt said production of PPG's newest product is expected to increase the rest of the year.

""Reducing down time is a critical priority for customers,"" she said.

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