Electric CFRP Fuel Pumps for Carburetted Vehicles

06 August 2004

Edelbrock has teamed up with Essex Industries - the same company which makes fuel system components for B-2 Stealth Bomber and other planes - to produce new state-of-the-art electric fuel pumps for carburetted applications.

Two strong and durable electric fuel pumps are now available. Both have anodized aluminium housings, quality components and are factory- tested. They come with mounting brackets.

The two pumps (1791 and 1792) use a precision-machined carbon fibre vane that is lightweight, very accurate and repeatable, and extremely strong, according to Edelbrock. This translates to less centrifugal force to prevent friction and wear, and no metallic particles are released into the fuel line.

The rotors are precision-moulded parts from a hard composite, which provide a light weight repeatable part that reduces inertia loads on the pump.

#1791 is factory preset to 6.5 psi and no regulator is needed. With a replaceable screen-type inlet filter and the free flow rate of 120 GPH is sufficient to supply 600 hp.

#1792 has a free flow rate of 160 GPH, good enough to feed a 1,000-hp engine. Pump is factory preset to 12 psi and requires an external regulator such as the new Edelbrock

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