Carbon Fibre Brakes to Blame for Lack of F1 Overtaking

06 August 2004

Jean Todt, the Ferrari Principal, said that the efficiency of the composite brakes used in F1 are one of the main reasons for the lack of overtaking.

The Frenchman said that a qualifying procedure that places the fastest car at the front of the grid does not bode well for overtaking.

""If you want them to all overtake one another,"" said Todt, ""start the grid in reverse order. We would see them all pass but it would not be very natural.""

When asked about the carbon fibre brakes that slow the cars from speeds approaching 200mph down to 40mph in a few seconds, Todt asserted that ""Overtaking is so difficult with these brakes, because the drivers brake so late - most of them are braking at exactly the same point.""

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