Novel Faradex SFRP Compound Resists Interference and Impact

30 July 2004

A novel compound combines the toughness, high impact strength and excellent flow characteristics of Lexan EXL resin with the EMI shielding properties of stainless steel fibres.

LNP Engineering Plastics has added a new grade to its growing family of electroconductive Faradex compounds.

The new product - Faradex DS-1003 FR HI compound - combines the toughness, high impact strength, and excellent flow characteristics of Lexan EXL resin with the EMI shielding properties of stainless steel fibres, in a custom-colourable, halogen-free flame-retardant package.

It is available from the company worldwide. Faradex DS-1003 FR HI compound offers both EMI shielding and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties.

The new grade is formulated to achieve balanced dispersion of the steel fibres - which make up 1-2% by volume and 10-20% by weight - during plasticisation to help maintain the fibre length/diameter (L/D) ratio for an optimal conductive network for shielding effectiveness.

Improved impact resistance has been achieved by using GE Advanced Materials' Lexan EXL polycarbonate (PC) resin as the new Faradex compound's base resin.

Because the new Faradex DS-1003 FR HI compounds use stainless steel, the new product not only deflects but also conducts electromagnetic waves, claimed to provide more effective and permanent shielding.

The new compund is claimed to offer weight reduction compared with metal shields, cost reduction compared with surface treatments, plus greater effectiveness in complex designs - all in a single moulding step.

The new grade is also regarded to be an excellent candidate for chassis and enclosures for notebook and desktop computers, servers, workstations, and flat-panel displays.

Compared with other conductive compounds that use carbon black or carbon fibre, the stainless steel fibre used in Faradex DS-1003 FR HI compound can apparently deliver superior aesthetics to such applications and is less abrasive to tooling.

The new product also meets the chemical resistance requirements of Telecordia, NEBS and ETSI.

""With Faradex DS-1003 FR HI compound, we've solved two challenges with one product"", said Nitin Apte, Global Product Manager, GE Advanced Materials.

""EMI is effectively shielded thanks to the stainless steel fibres, and Lexan EXL resin has given us the impact strength our customers require.

The chemical resistance, conductivity, excellent flow, non-halogen flame resistance, and other outstanding properties this new product provides are icing on the cake"".

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