Envirokare Granted Third U.S. Patent Covering TPF to Process Inventor

08 July 2005

LRM Industries has been granted a third patent covering Thermoplastic Flowforming (""TPF"") process technology.

The patent, which will be assigned to LRM, was granted to Dr. Dale Polk, the inventor, who is now a consultant to LRM Industries.

The newly announced U.S. Patent # 6,900,547 encompasses a total of 34 claims, with the previous patents focussing more narrowly on specific proprietary features of the technology. The current patent more broadly covers the entire TPF process and its unique computerized integration of compounding, distribution and part forming.

LRM state that the additional patent significantly broadens the patent estate of TPF technology.

Dr. Polk said, ""We are very pleased with the additional granting of patents. It significantly strengthens the broad patent protection already granted TPF.""

The company has also filed an additional patent application to extend the scope and breadth of the intellectual property protection for this increasingly attractive process technology and the products produced by it.

LRM Industries, LLC (""LRM"") was formed to commercialize ThermoPlastic Flowforming (""TPF"") technology through development, manufacturing and licensing. LRM is a joint venture of NOVA Chemicals Inc. and Envirokare Composites Corporation.

TPF is an emerging process technology for the low pressure, fully automated moulding of long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) large structural parts providing enhanced mechanical properties through the randomization and preservation of fibre length in moulded parts.

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