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AltusGroup Widens Market for its CarbonCast Technology

08 July 2005

AltusGroup has widened the availability of its reinforced concrete CarbonCast precast technology with the addition of Gate Precast Company as an Associate Member of the partnership.

Gate, one of the largest producers of architectural precast concrete in the United States, will be licensed to manufacture CarbonCast architectural panels in its Kissimmee plant in Florida, US.

“Bringing Gate, one of the nation’s most respected precast companies, into AltusGroup is further validation that we have assumed a leadership role in introducing technological advancements to the precast industry,” said John Carson, chairman of the AltusGroup marketing committee and director of business development for TechFab, LLC, AltusGroup’s carbon grid supplier. “The addition of Gate gives AltusGroup a strong foothold in the Florida market, which had been challenging for us to reach. Precast already has wide acceptance in Florida, and we expect CarbonCast’s light weight and corrosion resistance to be especially appealing to architects and building owners in the Sunshine State.”

CarbonCast - an innovative precast concrete technology that replaces conventional reinforcement with C-GRID, a non-corrosive, high-strength carbon fibre grid—allows thinner precast sections and can reduce the weight of architectural panels by up to 66 percent while offering significantly improved corrosion resistance, durability and insulation value. High-strength, ultra-durable C-GRID has superior tensile properties when compared to steel and requires only 1/4"" of concrete cover to be effective compared with 3/4"" to 3"" for steel reinforcing. The reduced weight and section thickness of CarbonCast panels and tees translate to lower transportation and erection costs—as well as savings on building superstructure.

“Joining AltusGroup opens an opportunity for Gate to offer our Florida customers a leading edge, high-performance precast concrete product at a competitive price,” said Dean Gwin, President of Marketing for Gate Precast Company. “We see enormous potential for CarbonCast in this state.”

Other CarbonCast precast products for commercial structures include insulated sandwich wall panels, hardwall panels and double tees. CarbonCast technology is also a durable, lightweight alternative for foundations, facades and deck panels on residential buildings, such as apartments, hotels and dormitories.

Acceptance of CarbonCast since its mid-2004 introduction has been rapid. More than 5 million square feet of products have been erected or sold to date, and millions more square feet of projects are in development.

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