UniStates' New Hybrid Composites

09 December 2005

UniStates has announced new hybrid composites that claim to use dual systems to carry heavier loads with less material.

UniStates' new lightweight, high-performance hybrid composites are the latest innovation using Reflexive Materials Technologies (RMT(TM) technologies), which are claimed to reduce the weight and improve the strength, stiffness, and toughness of metals, plastics, and ceramics, among other materials.

Unlike ordinary composites, these new hybrid composites are said to have load-bearing systems that operate in tandem and can be activated sequentially. One system carries initial loads while the other system stands by to add more strength on-demand for heavier or different types of loads. Each system specialises in carrying certain types of loads, which apparently uses less material more effectively and allows the materials to be 20% to 30% lighter and substantially stronger than conventional counterparts.

"Our innovative stress management system combines specialized load-bearing systems to form one superior composite” said Charles R. Owens, UniStates' Chairman and CEO. "Our new hybrid composites segregate load by type and steer each type to the material most able to carry it. Each type of load is dispersed in manageable parcels to defuse the threat of stress concentration and extend the performance range of our new hybrid composites beyond the limits of expected material strengths."

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