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Azdel Introduce VolcaLite Composite of PP and Basalt Fibre

15 April 2005

Azdel Inc has introduced glass-free reinforced VolcaLite composite, a low pressure, thermoformable thermoplastic composite of polypropylene and long chopped basalt fibre.

A new product technology, Azdel claim that their VolcaLite composite offers excellent acoustic absorption properties, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and a high strength-to-weight ratio providing excellent ductility. Azdel stated that Volcalite, which also offers high impact resistance over a wide temperature range, may help engineers to design components that may contribute to vehicle weight reduction.

Azdel state that the material could potentially make weight savings of up to 50 percent and may also deliver production advantages, with headliners for example being moulded directly in one step together with fabric, thereby eliminating the separate production steps required with traditional materials to add functional layers. Moreover, because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, headliners can be constructed with ultra-thin profiles, down to 3 mm thick, less than half the thickness of conventional systems.

Azdel said that the major benefit of the material is that it can enable an entire system to be mounted within a vehicle as a single assembly and with its low weight, high stiffness-to-weight and ultra-thin profile (3mm to 5mm), the composite material has the potential to extend its value beyond headliners to a range of non-structural interior panels and trims of varying thickness and stiffness.

AZDEL VolcaLite composite is produced and distributed by AZDEL Inc., a 50/50 joint venture of GE Advanced Materials and PPG Industries established in 1986.

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