New Market Report on Innovations in Fibres and Machinery

01 April 2005

Research and Markets have produced a new market report on textile innovations with the purpose of helping firms to differentiate their products and maintain a competitive advantage.

A new report covering new innovations in textiles highlights a large number of innovations currently being developed by companies around the world, with several large players covered (Dupont for example).

The report details innovations such as the novel system for transporting liquids using bundles of fibres created by Clemson University, and examines Toray's new polylactide fibre which has better mechanical properties at high temperatures.

For automotive applications, an ingenious air filter for petrol and diesel engines employing radioactive rare earth minerals has been patented. A firefighting fabric based on meta-aramid and polyamide imide has been developed, offering improved shrinkage. EOS and Chapman Thermal Products have separately developed flameproof and heat resistant yarns.

Precision Fabrics has a technique for imparting flame resistance to polyesters by incorporating a phosphorus compound. A new fabric from Milliken has a conductive staple fibre to avoid the build-up of static charge. Kimberly-Clark has a thermoplastic porous polymer containing a telomer for filter media and other applications. Outside the Box has developed a soft nonwoven fabric for blankets from hydroentangled polyester and polyamide. Procter & Gamble uses a plasma glow discharge to make highly waterproof and stain resistant textiles.

Low temperature plasma technology is also being used to protect clothing against stains by Porton Plasma Innovations. Non-fraying and non-irritant glass fibre orthopaedic bindings for broken bones are offered by BSN Medical. Ethicon's knitted surgical mesh has a high burst strength and improved flexibility. Advanced Technology's tear resistant clothing from a two-layer fabric provides a barrier against biological agents but is soft and comfortable in use. DuPont's firefighting clothing has an inner lining of vertically stacked aramid fibres. Kimberly Clark has a garment which helps in toilet training for young children and incontinent adults.

Contents of this report include:
Developments in fibres and yarns
Nanofibre of record length
Carbon fibre for pole vaulting
Fibres absorbing radio waves
Fibrillation of wool fibre
Air filter for petrol and diesel engines
Fibres for fire-fighting fabrics
Non-fraying glass fibre for orthopaedic bindings
Cellulose microfibrils with modified surface
Improved polylactic acid fibres
Production of nanofibre mats
Flameproof yarns and fabrics
Fire and heat resistant yarns
High decitex yarns with improved fatigue strength
Polypropylene yarn for surgical mesh
Mounting mat for catalytic converters
Multifilament lactide yarn
Developments in fabrics
Fabrics able to dissipate static electricity
Charged nonwovens for filters
Soft nonwoven fabric for blankets and apparel
Weft-knitted blanket fabric
Developments in garments
Clothing giving protection against biological agents
Resistance to liquid penetration
Resistance to penetration by biologically contaminated aerosols
Resistance to penetration by biologically contaminated dust
Aramid clothing for fire-fighting
Super-hydrophobic coating for textiles
Fabrics with durable press finishes
An absorbent garment based on a body-conforming composite
Durable elasticated clothing
Pants for toilet training
Stain repellency using low temperature plasma technology

For more information visit the Research and Markets website.

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