SE 70 Contributes to Successful Telefonica Movistar Project

24 March 2005

Telefonica Movistar, the Spanish V70 entry for the forthcoming Volvo Ocean Race 2005/6, is on the water and currently undergoing sea trials off the north coast of Sydney.

Constructed from a female mould and manufactured with SP’s revolutionary low temperature epoxy prepreg, SE70, the structure is lightweight, robust and with a clear coated carbon hull looks absolutely striking.

Telefonica Movistar was built at Sydney based Boatspeed, the same yard that produced Ellen MacArthur's B&Q Trimaran. From the onset of the project, SP's Technical team liaised closely with the builders and various hull laminates and build processes were simulated to ensure weight savings were at a premium. A key stage of the development of the project was mapping the internal core structure to provide maximum strength around the load paths in the hull, whilst minimising weight.

A female carbon hull mould was produced to ensure the accuracy of the final part.

SP's SE70 prepreg was the ideal product for the construction as it cures at 70oC and offers low thermal movement, which reduces the distortion of the structure's shape. As a result, the surface finish on Telefonica's hull was fantastically smooth and required no filling or fairing, a process that ordinarily incurs parasitic weight.

The proposed colour scheme for the boat was promptly discarded and Boatspeed applied a clear coat varnish leaving a reflective, mirrored surface on her streamlined hull.

When the hull came out of the mould, Iker Martinez, (Olympic 49er and Telefoncia crew member), exclaimed, “It doesn’t get any better than this! It is a first class effort and an example of fantastic teamwork. We are all thrilled to see the perfection on the hull and precise finish.”

To the Telefonica team’s further delight, when the hull laminate was measured by the V70 Ruling Committee it came in exactly on weight which allowed further advances to be made to the keel size.

The first sea trials were conducted in 28 knots of wind and Bouwe Bekking (Telefonica’s skipper) commented, “We are pushing the boat hard but the first sail gave us a feeling of relief as there are no problems. Since then, we have been out nearly every day checking sails and systems. I have set the departure date from Australia to Spain on 19th March and the entire team is looking forward to the rides in the Southern Ocean.""

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