NSE Composites Awarded Contract to Support 7E7 Development

12 November 2004

Boeing has awarded NSE Composites with a year-long follow-on contract supporting the design of the 7E7 composite fuselage.

This contract adds to NSE’s other contracts from Boeing and its suppliers supporting the 7E7.

D. M. Hoyt, who co-founded NSE in 1996, has been pleased with Boeing’s decision to award certain 7E7 engineering tasks to NSE.

The current project is aimed at developing engineering methods that help designers ensure the structure meets requirements for damage tolerance. In a “damage tolerant” design, if structures such as the fuselage or the wing sustain damage, the aircraft can continue safe flight until the damage is inspected and repaired. NSE will be combining Boeing’s test results from large-scale fuselage and wing test articles with predictions from computer models to develop strength curves for the anticipated range of configurations on the airplane. Boeing will then use these curves to develop design guidelines for its engineers to use when sizing the 7E7 structural components.

NSE supports several other Boeing 7E7 projects, including the development of a software program that can be used to optimize 7E7 composite fuselage structure.

“We are really seeing the benefits of the 7E7 being assembled in Everett,” Hoyt said. “Not only will the 7E7 parts be assembled in Everett, but the engineering design is coming together there, too. For NSE, that has meant good opportunities to support the project.”

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