Superior Plug Assist Tooling Material to Be Available Early Next Year

05 November 2004

Cyclics Corporation will supply its new CBT 200 resin to Emerson & Cuming Composite Materials, Inc. (ECCM) to create a superior plug-assist thermoforming material to be available in early 2005.

The new product, known as Eccolite Ultra Syntactic Foam, has several advantages in both the production of thermoforming tools, part quality and manufacturing efficiency to moulders. The material will be available from ECCM in rods, blocks and sheets to be machined into thermoforming tools used in plastic vacuum forming operations.

Eccolite Ultra is dust free during machining which eliminates airborne health hazards to toolmakers and does not get into machine tool bearings. The new product can also produce superior surface finishes enabling improved part quality, especially on clear plastics. Additionally, Eccolite Ultra can withstand higher temperatures than conventional syntactic foams allowing moulders to run tools hotter and faster than before.

“Eccolite Ultra will run at higher temperatures than conventional syntactic foams, so processors can run their machines faster and cut cycle times,” said Jim Teague, VP of Sales & Marketing for ECCM. “Compared to the polyamide materials on the market today, the CBT resin-based plugs can be shined, making for excellent transparent packaging.”

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