Cyclics and Ahlstrom Jointly Develop Wind Power and Marine Composites

29 October 2004

Cyclics Corporation and Ahlstrom Glassfibre have entered into a Research and Development Agreement in wind turbine and marine applications.

The agreement will use CBT resin in combination with Ahlstrom’s glassfibre reinforcements and will utilize various moulding processes. The new alliance aims to bring together expertise in plastics and glass fibres for composites that will be safer to produce, recyclable, and improve manufacturing efficiencies

The initial evaluation of Cyclics resins in combination with Ahlstrom reinforcements is claimed to be promising and this has led to intensified testing efforts. The low processing viscosity of CBT resins allows for the fast wet out and high fibre volumes required for demanding applications.

Ahlstrom anticipates being able to commercially launch a CBT resin with glassfibre reinforcement in 2005, following completion of the testing period. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the terms of the agreement.

Ahlstrom have recently announced an operating profit for January–September totalling 47.4 million Euros.

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