BMW’s Develop Composite Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

22 October 2004

BMW have issued details at this years Intermot show in Munich of their helmet V equipped with Blue Tooth and made out of composite materials.

BMW provide details at the International Motorcycle Show (Intermot) their System V integral helmet with integrated BlueTooth technology.

Following a previous product release by MOMO, the new BMW folding helmet also enables wireless communication between motorcyclists.

The system is not vehicle-based and bears the name WCS-1 (Wireless Communication System); it is completely integrated in the helmet and homologised for this purpose. It consists of two virtually invisible Array microphones in the forehead area, a digital signal processor (DSP) to filter interference and wind noise, a Bluetooth module, two speakers and an integrated set of batteries. On the left there is a control panel with three buttons for the functions “On/Off/Select” (this includes the “pairing” which connects the two devices and “multifunction” for connecting further devices) as well as “+” and “-“ for loud and soft).

This technology is installed in the new system helmet V with an outer shell manufactured in hot press and made fibre glass, carbon and Kevlar laminate. This helmet is claimed to offer excellent aeroacoustic levels. With the noise level at 100 km/h being only 86 dB(A), it can lay claim to being among the quietest folding helmets on the market.

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