Premix Thermoplastics Introduces CFR Compounds

15 October 2004

Premix Thermoplastics have added a full line of carbon fibre reinforced compounds to the company’s product portfolio.

Based on chopped carbon fibre, milled carbon fibre and carbon nanotubes, the new compounds provide the increased rigidity of carbon fibre as well as the electrical conductivity.

Premix carbon fibre compounds are available with as much as 60% carbon fibre in nylon 6 & 66 and PPS, and at least 40% in others, including PP, ABS, PC, POM and PSUL. The addition of carbon fibres increases the rigidity and the tensile strength, lowers the shrinkage and increases the electrical conductivity.

Compounds that are based on milled carbon fibre are less prone to warpage while compounds that are based on carbon nanotubes can be electrically conductive with as little as 3% fibre reinforcement. In addition, carbon nanotubes can also create thermally conductive polymer compounds when used at higher loadings.

Standard colour is black. Compounds that are 10% carbon fibre-based are available in a variety of colours that facilitate the colour coding of moulded parts.

PRE-ELEC compounds include most of the commercially available thermoplastics combined with virtually all of the electrically conductive additives including: carbon black, carbon fibre, nickel coated carbon fibre, stainless steel fibre, graphite flake, nickel coated graphite flake, silver and silver coated additives, metal powders and flakes, inherently dissipative polymers (IDP¹s) and inherently conductive polymers (ICP’s).

Premix Thermoplastics, Inc. is a subsidiary of Premix Oy, a leading manufacturer of electrically conductive compounds in Europe. Premix products are available for film, sheet and injection moulding applications.

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