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Bond Laminates Develops Tepex Sandwich Material for B&W Loudspeakers

01 April 2005

Bond-Laminates GmbH has developed a new Tepex sandwich material specifically for the high end audio product manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins (B&W).

The advanced composite material is applied in the new generation of the 800 series speaker systems. Bowers & Wilkins uses the material to manufacture the driver, which ensures a clearly improved sound. The bass drivers are designed to reproduce low frequency sound without colouration.

Minimum weight and at the same time high stiffness to achieve maximum sensitivity and damping are the main requirements B&W has for its loudspeaker cones. The Tepex sandwich fulfils both, thanks to the combination of the stiff carbon fibres and low density Rohacell foam. The high mechanical performance of the material strongly reduces the deformations normally encountered in traditional cone materials under loads and so prevents sounds colouration. Furthermore Tepex sandwich is being produced by Bond-Laminates in a proprietary continuous process, ensuring a constant high product quality.

The loudspeakers of the 800 Series are also used in the most prominent places, for instance the Abbey Road Studios in London, where among others the Beatles recorded many of their songs. Scores of international top songs first have to pass the sound test with these speaker systems, before they can hit the shops.

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