Sensor Products Issue New Sensor Film Technology

08 October 2004

New Pressurex measures intrerfacial stress on composite structures

At Booth 1886, Sensor Products were providing samples of Pressurex, a thin sensor film that carefully maps and measures the amount of interfacial stress exerted on honeycomb cores, composite layups and bonded surfaces within composite structures.

Pressurex allows the engineer to see how surface stresses are distributed, highlighting inconsistencies and misregistration in composite parts. Other applications for Pressurex include determination of press planarity in lamination processes, monitoring of vacuum bagging pressures, confirmation of pressure uniformity on wound filaments parts and calibration of tools and equipment.

Pressurex comes in the form of a large thin clear Mylar sheet, physically similar in appearance to a sheet of paper. When placed between impacting or mating surfaces, the film instantaneously and permanently changes colour. This colour change is a direct result of the specific amount of pressure applied. Comparison of colour variations to a colour correlation chart (conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper) can help determine precise pressure magnitude (in PSI or kg/cm2).

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