Scott Bader and Ashland Make Further Resin Price Increases

08 October 2004

Scott Bader and Ashland Composite Polymers will be increasing the prices of their polyester resins.

Scott Bader will be increasing sales prices for all its range of Crystic polyester resins, gelcoats and Crystic Crestomer structural adhesive products by a further 150 €/t on all deliveries from its European sites from 1 November 2004. This increase is in addition to all previously announced increases this year.

Ashland Composite Polymers, a business group within Ashland Specialty Chemical, is increasing the price of its unsaturated polyester resins and gel coats by six cents per pound; low profile additives and B-sides by seven cents per pound; and epoxy vinyl ester resins by 10 cents per pound for North American customers.

These adjustments will be effective with shipments on and after Oct. 18, 2004, and are in addition to all previously announced increases.

The thermoset composites industry continues to experience unprecedented volatility with supplies of several key raw materials being placed on allocation, while prices for available supplies continue to soar.

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