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National Composite Centre Showcases Long Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics

08 October 2004

The National Composite Center (NCC) showcased its key technologies including its proprietary Litecast along with developments in Long Fibre Thermoplastics (LFT) at Booth 2016 at Composites 2004.

In addition to displaying LFT and Litecast parts, visitors were able to see first hand examples of NCC’s Rapid Fibre Preforming and closed moulding expertise. In a special demonstration, the Center will use a high speed infusion process and reusable vacuum bag for closed moulding of a truck bumper.

NCC is a comprehensive resource for closed moulding technology including Vacuum Infusion and Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) processes. As part of its development and prototype work, the Centre has created bagging techniques that eliminate tedious handwork yet deliver consistency and repeatability.

In addition to its Rapid Fibre Preforming and closed moulding technology, the Center will highlight its patented Litecast technology, a patented process that gives manufacturers the ability to use integral metal attachments on composite structures. Litecast is an alternative to mechanical fastening and adhesive systems which add extra labour costs and reduce the strength of composite products.

The Center is leading a collaborative team to develop manufacturing technology for near-term commercialization of LFT products for transportation, military and industrial applications. These projects will accelerate the development of next generation LFT structures.

NCC has implemented equipment to incorporate new LFT materials and develop new processes. The Center’s LFT equipment line-up can also be rented for customer demonstration projects.

NCC has also teamed with 2Phase Technologies, Inc. to offer companies custom manufacturing at the cost of mass production. NCC has purchased a Rapid Tooling System (RTS) 2500 from 2Phase to promote the technology and demonstrate its capabilities. A small moulding unit will be available for visitors to see at NCC’s booth.

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