Eastman Improves Cutting Room Speed and Accuracy

08 October 2004

Eastman Machine Company, manufacturer of cutting systems demonstrated the speed and precision of their new EasiDNA design and nesting software in booth 1611 of the Composites 2004 show.

Eastman’s software group developed EasiDNA software to improve speed, accuracy, material usage, and organization for cutting rooms and for users of CNC controlled cutting systems. “EasiDNA was developed because we saw a need to give a benefit of automated design, nesting, and cutting to the most sophisticated companies as well as the smallest owner operator enterprises,” said Robert L. Stevenson, president and CEO of Eastman Machine Company. “With EasiDNA, our customers can use the most innovative software in a multiplicity of ways to expedite cutting room production and improve material usage, design efficiencies, and cutting accuracy, which ultimately will increase their bottom line.”

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