SAMPE International President Receives Prestigious National Society of Black Engineers Award

22 April 2004

Clark W. Johnson, SAMPE International President, was awarded the Pioneer of the Year Award by the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) for his outstanding technical contributions to the engineering profession.

His career with Boeing involved leadership of materials research, engineering organizations and laboratories. His work included preparatory developing fibre-reinforced composite insulation which directly resulted in applications to the NASA Space Shuttle; composite structures and joining technology; carbon-carbon structural materials; utilization of carbon fibre’s for thermal management, and unique concepts and manufacturing approaches for low cost, lightweight solar arrays.

During the past seven years, Clark has advanced through the SAMPE Executive Cabinet organization. In July 2003, Clark assumed his elected position as International President of SAMPE and has said to have provided strong leadership and growth.

SAMPE and the NSBE take great pride in noting that he is the first African-American to be elected to the position of SAMPE International President by the International Board of Directors.

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