Fibreforce Scoop Awards at World Pultrusion Conference in Amsterdam

19 April 2004

Fibreforce have won awards at the EPTA - 7th World Pultrusion conference in Amsterdam for the Bridge over the River Boyne – Composite Enclosure.

Fibreforce Composites Ltd manufactured the principal components of the GRP enclosure used on the 1st major cable stayed bridge and the biggest bridge ever built in Ireland. The bridge carries the M1 Northern motorway over the River Boyne between Dublin and Belfast.

The composite profiles were manufactured by the pultrusion process which allowed high quality structural members of proven reliability to be made. All components were manufactured to meet BS 476 Part 7 – class 1 fire rating. Testing was undertaken to all the enclosure elements to demonstrate the requirements of the specification were met for each unique type of construction component of the GRP enclosure system.

The awards, voted for by the attendees of the EPTA - 7th World Pultrusion conference in Amsterdam were presented by Solvi Opthun, the representative of Reichhold.

The Boyne Bridge at Drogheda in Ireland, is the 1st major cable stayed bridge and the biggest bridge ever built in the republic. The Bridge is a cable stayed system and the deck is a\composite steel and concrete design with a glass reinforced composite enclosure system. The completed bridge consists of an asymmetric 56 cable stayed structure with a main span of 170m across the two river channels. A series of shorter approach spans constructed on piers carry the bridge over the northern slopes of the river valley. The pylons reach 95m high and weigh in at 11800 Tonnes. The overall length of the Bridge is approximately 400m.

The bridge enclosure system was divided into panels with joints able to accommodate movements and construction tolerances. The panels were also arranged to give regular patterns, with the joints suitably sealed to prevent significant movement of air through the system.

The principal components of the GRP enclosure were manufactured by Fibreforce Composites Ltd using the pultrusion process.

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