Smart Fibres Announce the Launch of T4 to the Monitoring Industry

16 April 2004

Smart Fibres and Afonics have jointly developed new technology for the interrogation of multiple fibre Bragg grating sensors.

Small, high speed interrogators based upon this new ""T4"" technology are now available from Smart Fibres to complement the range of WDM instruments offered through the alliance with Micron Optics Inc.

T4 has been designed to provide long-term condition monitoring of critical structures and as a high frequency strain sensing instrument for design validation and prototype testing.

Weighing in at just one kilogram, the small, robust T4 instrument can interrogate multiple fibre Bragg gratings to a resolution of 1 pm and with a light source pulsing at up to 500 kHz, and can operate at high speeds, according to Fibreoptics.

T4 has a broad 50 nm waveband allowing it to read high strain excursions at multiple locations using high reflectivity c-band FBGs - acommodity item manufactured world-wide by Telecoms suppliers which is steadily falling in unit price.

Initially, two high-specification T4 products will be launched, T404 (four channel) and T401 (one channel) at one-off prices of £12,000 and £8,500.

The launch of T4 make optical fibre sensing a commercially viable proposition as a validation tool for component designers and structural engineers, or as a long-term conditional monitoring tool for asset managers.

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