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Goals of the Newly Reformed EuCIA

15 April 2004

The Groupement européen des Plastiques Renforcés / Matériaux Composites (GPRMC) created in 1960, has transformed its name into the international non profit association EuCIA, acronym for European Composites Industry Association.

The primary goal of EuCIA is to unite the composites industry at European level into one single European association. It invites all existing non member associations with roots in Europe - whether national associations or European branch associations - to join EuCIA as a member. Secondly it composites composite manufacturers to create a representative national association in countries were none exists and to cooperate via their association with EuCIA.

In this way EuCIA hopes to continue and broaden the work of its predecessor GPRMC.

The EuCIA also aims to defend its interests at European and international level and to follow-up new legislation and standards especially at EU and EEA level whenever the composites industry is directly or indirectly concerned.

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