Dayton Adds Two New Production Lines

19 March 2004

Dayton Extruded Plastics, the Ohio based vinyl manufacturers, are increasing their 550,000 sq ft plant to extrude composite materials.

Established manufacturers in the PVC window and door products industry, Dayton processes some 60 million pounds of PVC every year. 46 lines are available to extrude or shape PVC, with five more lines slated to be installed.

Two new lines in a 250,000-square-foot plant devoted to extruding composite materials for outdoor decks are being put in place in the coming months. The composite wood-and-plastic material is said to be tougher and lighter than pure wood with less resistance to mould and the ravages of time.

Alcoa Home Exteriors in a partnership with Deceuninck, will market products made from the material.

The new lines start with sawdust -- often, oak dust -- flour and plastic material, mixing it all into tiny pellets. The pellets are then fed into extruders and melted under temperatures of more than 350 degrees F, with the softened material shaped and then cooled with water. Leaders at Dayton Technologies have little doubt that the new lines will be successful. Hoekzema, company Director, expects to see six composite lines in place by September.

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