Avtec Fire Retardant Coatings Listed With ICC Evaluation Service

07 May 2004

Avtec Industries of Massachusetts have disclosed that two of its high performance fire retardant coatings, Thermashield and Eco-flex C/G have been accepted and listed with the ICC Evaluation Service, Inc.

According to Avtec, both products had test results that demonstrated Class 1 interior finish classification (flamespread less than 25) and a smoke-developed index of less than 450. Complete details of this evaluation report #22-27 are accessible from the website.

Thermashield and eco-flex c/g are being used in transportation projects to protect composite structures from fire damage on a composite bus and light rail applications. Testing for several other composite applications is underway.

“This listing confirms the excellent performance of Avtec fire retardant technology when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 procedures,” said Ken Foret, Vice President and COO of Avtec Industries. “There are many composite applications that can benefit from the fire protection provided by THERMASHIELD and ECO-FLEX C/G and other innovative fire safety solutions supplied by Avtec.

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