Reichhold Appoint Mr. Yasuji Tsunekawa as Board Chairman

28 May 2004

Reichholds’ board of directors has elected Reichhold Director Mr. Yasuji Tsunekawa to serve as Reichhold’s Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Based at Reichhold’s world headquarters and technology centre in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, Mr. Tsunekawa will work to establish long-term strategies and policies for Reichhold’s coatings and composites businesses. He will explore future business opportunities possible through the utilization of DIC technologies, and will work to accelerate technical transfers from DIC to Reichhold to create synergy between DIC Group companies.

Mr. Tsunekawa is a native of Japan and more recently resided in Tokyo. He is a 37-year veteran of DIC, serving as executive vice president of DIC’s Industrial Materials Business Operation (IMBO) with responsibility for the company’s resin business in Japan and the rest of Asia. He holds a master’s degree from the Nagoya Institute of Technology and has served as Chairman of the Japan Polyurethane Resin Association.

“On behalf of Reichhold’s 1,800 employees around the world, I’d like to welcome Mr. Tsunekawa to Reichhold and am pleased to be working with him again,” said Reichhold President and CEO John Gaither. “We met for the first time 15 years ago, and I know that he can help us with internal improvements as well as helping DIC to better understand Reichhold’s needs,” Gaither concluded.

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