New FRP Manholes for Penang Region

28 May 2004

The Penang Municipal Council are due to replace steel manhole and drain covers with fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) to curb rising thefts of the steel parts.

Council president Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib said that with the increase in steel prices, the culprits had resorted to stealing and selling the steel covers. The problem has become so severe with over 20 being stolen in the past month alone, that the Council had to act.

“FRP covers have no resale value and would deter the culprits from stealing them,” he said after a full council meeting earlier this week. The new FRP covers would be clamped and welded down so as not to cause potential risks to pedestrians. Following an incident last month when a 56-year-old woman fell into the drain after the metal grille near her gate was stolen.

Alor Star City Council public relations officer Azizah Hamid said some 200 drain covers had been reported missing since last year, most from residential areas.

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