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ACMA Validates First Certified Composites Manager

28 May 2004

Todd Dumdie of Northwest Composites became the first Certified Composites Manager (CCM) under the new American Composites Manufacturers Association’s Managers certification program.

The CCM curriculum is a college-level extension of the Certified Composites Technician (CCT) program. The composites manager certification is designed to take CCT’s to the next level, with subject matter directed toward developing technical leadership skills.

“The basic CCT certification is focused on shop-floor level skills and knowledge,” says Bob Lacovara, ACMA Technical Director. “In the next progression, the CCM program introduces subject areas designed to develop the skill-set required by managers in today’s manufacturing environment. The coursework requires mastery in subject areas vital to the informed industry leader.”

CCM study areas include: the fundamentals of composites manufacturing; fundamentals of polymer resins; industry safety management; composites regulatory issues - environmental and worker safety; total quality management; and composites manufacturing cost estimating. The focus on accredited managers is gaining momentum within the manufacturing community as demands for increased productivity are placed on production operations. According to Don Abel, Xerxes Corporation, “The availability of Certified Composites Managers will enhance the industry and provide a competitive advantage.”

The CCT program currently has more than 1,500 certified technicians and 96 instructors in the industry. There are an additional 32 candidates currently engaged in the study course. Specialized CCT certifications are available for the boatbuilding industry (CCT-Marine), the cast polymer industry (CCT-CP), and compression moulders (CCT-CM). Currently under development are certification programs for FRP corrosion manufacturers and composites repair.

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