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Carbon Nanotechnologies and Entegris Sign Joint Development Agreement

21 May 2004

The two companies collaborate to develop advanced polymer products using single-wall carbon nanotubes.

CNI's breakthrough (single-wall) carbon nanotubes will be incorporated into Entegris' products, which protect and transport the critical materials that enable the world's leading technologies in diverse industries such as semiconductor, data storage, biopharmaceutical, medical device and fuel cell.

Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs), also known as Buckytubes, are regarded to be the superior engineering polymer, with 100 times the strength of steel whilst boasting less than one-sixth the weight. This cylindrical polymer of pure carbon, said to be the strongest, toughest, stiffest material known, conducts electricity like metals and conducts heat better than diamonds.

“We are pleased to be working with Entegris, a recognized leader in materials integrity management,” said Bob Gower, CEO of CNI. “We strongly believe that carbon nanotubes will lead to a new generation of Entegris products with even better performance in critical technology infrastructure. This relationship represents another important step in SWNT commercialization.”

Wayne Olson, Entegris' vice president of engineering and technology, said, “CNI's leadership in carbon nanotechnology complements Entegris’ expertise in materials integrity management. Through this joint development we will provide our customers with products and services on the cutting edge of technology that improve the way they protect and transport their critical materials.”

“This is an investment in our future,” said Michael Wright, COO, Entegris. “By working jointly to apply CNI’s expertise in single-wall carbon nanotubes to our products, we should speed the implementation of this technology into products offering a distinct advantage to our customers. This, coupled with our leadership in the industries we serve, our strong management team and expertise in materials integrity management makes us uniquely positioned to accelerate the commercialization of the emerging single-wall nanotube technology.”

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