Sony to Add Carbon Fibre Headphones to 'Qualia' Series

07 May 2004

Sony is adding to its six existing innovative Qualia products, released in 2003 to include a carbon fibre pair of headphones.

The Qualia 010 headphones feature a wide frequency range of 5Hz to 120kHz available for playback. Distributors of the Qualia range also provide a fitting service for customers to match their head size, but because it requires a highly complex process to produce, the monthly output will be just 15 units.

The new headphones will be sold by Sony Marketing and orders will be accepted from July 1, priced at $2600.

“As consumers become more discriminating in their purchasing decisions, Sony is in a unique position to set itself apart with products that will touch the user like never before," said Mike Fasulo, senior vice president of Sony Electronics eSolutions Company, which oversees the QUALIA U.S. initiative. "The QUALIA initiative enables us to offer an uncompromised approach to product engineering, design and customer experience."

The 010 headphones are super-light with earpads made of natural sheepskin, and produced using a carbon fibre frame. Sony says it's the company's only pair that allows you to truly appreciate high quality super audio CD’s.

A company press release describes the project as "an initiative aimed at touching an emotional cord among consumers through products unique in technology, design and functionality."

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